Monday, March 17, 2008

Best Gifts For A Baby

You are a new parent and you want to make sure you buy the absolute best for your baby. There are many options out there, so what do you pick that will not only help your child grow, but help them have fun too?The first type of gift you want to get for your baby is anything that causes intellectual stimulation. These are gifts which get the small mind of a baby working in overdrive, helping to create a healthy mind as they grow older. You should introduce games with various shapes, colors, and songs to your baby as young as possible.Take the baby to the beach for their birthday. They can play in the sand, enjoy the water, with you holding them of course, and play around with other babies who are enjoying the sand as well.A special blanket for your baby is a great gift, and depending on the type of personality, they may hold onto the blanket for a lot longer than their first couple years. The blanket is something the baby will identify with very quickly and it will eventually have a place in a memento box one day.You want your baby to know that bath time is fun, so get them a gift that will allow them to play in the bath. You can get them special shampoo and soap meant for their skin, or a bunch of toys that the two of you can play with in the bathtub.Give your baby the gift of music. Studies have shown that a baby introduced to music, particularly classical, at an early age, grow up to have well-formed minds that nurture many mental abilities including problem solving and creativity. There are many CDs out that actually cater to a baby and are the best bet to buy over the usual music CD.Get the baby something that is personalized. It can be a jumper with their initials or a blanket with their name stitched into it, because like the blanket, it is something that they will save throughout their lives and it will bring back warm feelings of being a baby long ago.Try and find the best gift you can for your baby and make it something that will help them nurture their minds and bodies, as well as teach them about having fun. They are your baby and they deserve only the best.

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